Lake Tahoe’s Winter Fun-derland

Part of Lake Tahoe’s wonder is that it has something for everyone in any season. But if we’re honest with ourselves... we eagerly await winter’s arrival each year. The mountains have been begging for snow. The ski lift longs to overlook pine trees dressed in white. Everything around you feels crisp and invigorated, while a cozy fire awaits behind every closed door.

Surrounded by this beauty, there are a million ways to enjoy yourself without ever stepping foot on the slopes. Guests at the Famous Cabin deserve the best, so we’re here to give you the low-down on how to go above and beyond and create your very best day at Lake Tahoe this winter.


You’ll need a hearty breakfast to gear up for the day ahead. Venture out bright and early to see the fresh powder undisturbed, and gather your group around a table of huevos rancheros at Local’s Brunch Cafe. While your full bellies settle, stop by Revive Coffee & Wine to warm up with a cup of job on your way to Heavenly Mountain Resort - just 5 minutes from the Famous Cabin.. (Stop back to try the wine once your skis are off again.)

Hesitant about hitting the slopes? Sign up for ski school! Take in a group or private lesson to start your day off with safety and confidence.